Many people envision the word 'Hardscapes' as plain, gray concrete. However, hardscape materials involve so much more. While the term Softscape is often associated with the elements of a landscape that include flowers, shrubs, plants, trees and flower beds which lend character to the landscaping, Hardscape consists of natural stones, and any man made materials with a concrete base. Stacked stone, Flagstone, Boulders, Steps and Walkways, Concrete Pavers, Retaining Walls (Block, Timber, Natural boulders), Dry Creek Beds, Fireplaces and Firepits.

Vision Hardscapes of Atlanta, we offer a variety of colors, finishes, materials and textures of stone and brick to incorporate into your outdoor barbeque kitchens, planters, fire pits, patio structures and anything else you dream up for your outdoor space.

We believe that every project is unique and the plans, building materials and details should be carefully chosen to suit your individual needs. Atlanta climate is different than other climates and it's important to know your hardscape project will last a lifetime.

Stone Steps & Walkways

There is simply no substitute for the custom look of stone steps and walkways. They not only add a visual element to your hardscape but open up the possibilities for more outdoor living space.

Steps and walkways provide a transition between entrances and patios, slopes or outdoor living spaces. Whether you are using pavers or stone, your walkway or steps should help define and accentuate the landscape and hardscape nearby. As with other elements of hardscape, the step or walkway material, size, shape and placement should complement materials in the plantings and other stonework.

Vision Hardscapes of Atlanta installs many types of quality paving materials and takes great pride in using proper installation methods.
To ensure our clients have a finished project of high quality and long lifetime, we highly recommend and install:
Pavestone Pavers
Stone Steps & Walkways Gallery
Stone & Boulder Walls Gallery

Stone & Boulder Walls

With the functionality of a traditional retaining wall, stone and boulder walls offer a unique and natural wall made from a variety of stones or boulders of different sizes, shapes and colors.

Stone and Boulder Retaining Walls provide natural beauty and protection against soil erosion. Adding plant material can soften the space and bring much needed color to a location making the wall not only functional but aesthetically pleasing.

Natural stone boulders come in all shapes and sizes from football helmet sized accent boulders to mammoth, rugged boulders anchoring in a hillside.

Vision Hardscapes of Atlanta can design and install your stone or boulder retaining wall and provide you with the peace of mind your wall will be built to withstand the elements and prevent erosion.

Retaining Walls

Aside from the aesthetic benefits that a retaining wall provides, this structure can hold back soil and prevent erosion. If your property has hills, then it's a possiblity that with heavy rain it will erode.

Retaining Walls are commonly used to level or retain slopes and give them a more vertical character. They may surround and accentuate patios and walkways or break up sloping land into usable flat surfaces or guard against erosion and deterioration. Whether containing gardens or defining living spaces on your property, retaining walls or garden walls are a key part of hardscapes.

Vision Hardscapes of Atlanta is experienced in design and installation of both segmented (man-made blocks) and natural stone walls. With so many colors, textures and sizes, we can design a wall that will not only be functional but compliment your current landscape and/or hardscape.
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Dry Creek Beds Gallery

Dry Creek Beds

Do you constantly find excess water in your yard?  Building a dry creek bed in your yard offers an easy and attractive solution to divert water away from home and landscape.

Dry Creek Beds look like a natural stream - without the water. Areas of your yard that stay wet and soggy should serve as the location for your new dry creek bed and ultimately divert water from your home.

Dry Creek Beds are naturally beautiful and many homeowners simply choose to construct them just for their aesthetics versus trying to remedy a drainage issue.

Vision Hardscapes of Atlanta, we will design and create a natural flow to the river bed shape and make it a focal point of your garden by incorporating ornamental grasses and plants, natural boulders and a mix of river rock.

Let us show you how your drainage and erosion problems could be solved with a beautiful dry river bed.